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Explore Faringdon: 10 Things To Do

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Champagne at the top of Folly Tower

At The Old Crown Coaching Inn, we’re very proud of our ties to our historic home: Faringdon. It’s one of the best places to visit throughout the Cotswolds, providing easy access to a huge range of activities, as well as our stylish boutique hotel rooms and incredible food.

Here’s a mini Faringdon travel guide letting you know all the best places to visit this Summer.

1) Folly Tower

One of Faringdon’s most iconic assets is a unique piece of architecture which mixes classical and gothic styles. The tower offers spectacular views over five counties and is best visited as part of our Folly Tower Experience.

2) Buscot Park

A National Trust site and the stately home of Lord Faringdon, who uses the home to maintain a renowned art collection. Despite the grandeur, the Faringdon family continue to live there and so the grounds remain intimate and inviting. One of the most popular places to visit in Faringdon.

3) Faringdon Museum

The museum houses the Lord Berners exhibit, covering one of Faringdon’s most famous residents. An eccentric composer who also commissioned the building of the Folly Tower, his unique life is documented through various artefacts and informative collections. A perfect way of introducing a historical aspect to your Faringdon getaway.

4) Faringdon FUN trail 

Another Lord Berners invention, the FUN (Frivolously Unnecessary Notices) trail is a peculiar feature of Faringdon. The signs seem to offer no relevant information at all, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying to figure out if they have some secret meaning. Can you figure it out?

5) Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

A quick twenty-minute drive from Faringdon is this delightful wildlife park, with a wide variety of exotic animals to see, including giraffes, sloths, penguins and giant tortoises. One of the most family friendly Summer activities in Faringdon.

6) Farmer Gow's Activity Farm

A ten-minute drive will get you to this slightly less exotic but no less fun animal adventure, with hands on experiences that allow you to handle and feed animals including chickens, pigs and lambs. A perfect day out with the kids near Faringdon.

7) All Saints Church

Returning to Faringdon proper, parts of this church date all the way back to the 12th and 13th centuries. With a history that intersects with major events in British history such as the Civil War, Reformation and World War II, the church provides an interesting prism to look the country's history.

8) Folly Wood

Folly Wood surrounds the Folly Tower, and contains many secrets. A sculpture trail hides many statues for you to seek out among the trees, each telling a story. Particularly eagle-eyed visitors may also find a fairy house encased in a tree.

9) Iron Age Badbury Camp

For more pre-modern history heads, the top of Badbury Hill hides an enticing secret. The site of an Iron age encampment, it has been suggested to be the site of a famous battle between King Arthur and the Anglo Saxons.

10) Badbury Woods

Dating back to the Iron Age, Badbury Hill and woods, established in 600BC, is one of the best places in the South West to see clumped bluebell woods. With approximately over nine acres of bluebells.

The Old Crown Coaching Inn is the perfect place for your Faringdon boutique hotel getaway. Contact us to find out more about our comfortable rooms and incredible food, or click here to book a room.

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