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Benefits of Staying in a Boutique Hotel

A boutique hotel, also known as The Old Crown Coaching Inn

Many people seeking a unique twist to their trips are making the choice of staying at a boutique hotel when travelling both internationally and within the UK. These more unique and intimate establishments offer an alternative to the chain luxury hotel, one that offers a bit more character and spontaneity.

Boutique Hotels vs Chain Hotels

In contrast with chain hotels, boutique hotels offer a much more unique hotel experience, providing insight into the character of a location than the repeated interiors and corporate-mandated menus of a chain hotel. Travellers who want more than just a room to stay in for a romantic break should consider the more intimate accommodation a boutique hotel provides.

Luxury Advantages

Owners will decorate and curate the hotel experience based on their own unique tastes, often with boutique luxury advantages to make your stay as memorable and opulent as can be. With these more characterful flourishes, the hotel becomes part of the holidaying experience, rather than just a place to put your bags.

Incredible Food

Chain hotels will often have quite safe and unmemorable menus in the hopes of pleasing as wide an audience of people as possible. Boutique hotels are far more likely to have experiential, unique menus that can form an integral part of your memorable boutique hotel stay. Some will even have prestigious AA rosettes, such as The Old Crown Coaching Inn.

Luxurious food served at a boutique hotel

Better Service and Care

A smaller scale means that every guest will get additional attention when it comes to services and care. Whatever your needs may be during your stay, you’re far more likely to have them fulfilled in a timely manner by a boutique hotel than a chain hotel. Experientially, this can be one of the best boutique hotel benefits, as the quick service and attention can be the difference between a disaster and a smooth, luxurious stay.

The Old Crown Coaching Inn offers a boutique hotel experience in the heart of the Cotswolds. With a renowned restaurant, unique themed rooms and a perfect location, the Old Crown Coaching Inn is perfect for a break any time of year.

Its unique character can be seen through its ties to historic events in the area. During the English Civil War in 1644 Cromwell based his forces on Folly Hill and the Parliamentarians would lead attacks on the Royalists based at Faringdon House. He also reputedly stayed for several nights at The Old Crown Coaching Inn. Judge Jeffreys also held monthly county court sessions in The Courtroom after the Monmouth Rebellion, now our honeymoon suite.

Book a room at our quaint boutique hotel here.

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